Leo Tolstoy

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A list of links to sound clips and videos concerning Tolstoy's life and works.
Compiled by Caitlin Ochmanski

All links are to other sites containing recodings or videos, however, in order to view some material it may first have to be downloaded. For pictures of Tolstoy feel free to peruse our Photo Galleries.

A Recording of The Famous Opening Lines from Ana Kareina
The First Footage Shot of Tolstoy
Slide Show of Forgotten Plays, One of Which is by Tolstoy
Recording of "Childhood" the First in a Trilogy of Autobiographical Narratives by Tolstoy.
Recordings of "War and Peace"
Recording of "Master and Man"
Link to a Download of "Swan Lake" used in Tolstoy's "Anna karenina"
Video Trailer for 1935 production of "Anna Karenina"
Promotional Video for "How Much Land Does a Man Need" from the Jazz Mandolin Project.