Leo Tolstoy

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By Caitlin Ochmanski

Listed below are several links to websites with intersting and useful information we found on Leo Tolstoy. Enjoy.

*A Time Line of Leo Tolstoy's Life
*Complete Copies of some of Tolstoy's Works
*An Account of Tolstoy's Death by his Personal Secretay
*1911 NY Times News Paper Article Book Review of Leo Tolstoy
*Article on Tolstoy's Views on Education
*Famous Quotes from Leo Tolstoy
*Cute Cartoons about Tolstoy's Work
*Reader's Questions and Answers About Leo Tolstoy
*Quick Facts About Leo Tolstoy
*Photo Album Providing Details Concerning the Relatives of Leo Tolstoy
* Homepage for publishings by The Tolstoy Society of N. America
*Info on Tolstoy's Hometown
*Interesting Article About Where Tolstoy Was When He Died
*The Legend of The Green Stick
*Website For the Tolstoy Museum